They used to say, “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” With the world’s dependence on fossil fuel plus climate crisis deniers in the halls of government, it might be more appropriate to say, “Everybody does something about the weather, but nobody wants to talk about it!”

That is until now! Hundreds of new businesses are beginning to create products and services that give people alternatives that either reduce greenhouse gasses or provide the emergency goods and services a world in the throes of demonstrated climate crisis desperately needs.

We have written an article for Entrepreneur on Box Power, the innovative start up that is building the future by anticipating the increasing demand of the present. We have also written extensively about how new entrepreneurs, looking for a new product should just look out the window.

Box Power looked out that window and what did they see? They saw that climate crisis caused power outages. They saw old school, poorly maintained, mega power grids failing more and more often. They saw residents scrambling to save their frozen foods and keep their lights on with gas generators. They saw the unsustainability and downright danger of hundreds of thousands of small private gas generators all firing up at the same time exacerbating the climate crisis as residents try to cope with current and counterproductive old school solutions.

And what did they do about it? They took their proven and in-demand micro grid power solution, Box Power, and compressed it into a mini box that uses mostly solar with onboard power storage, and they reduced the size to the space of two parking stalls. It’s available now to homeowners and businesses that must keep the food frozen and the lights on, not to mention power for their communication devises and heat sources.

The “Mini Box” comes with everything in it and can be assembled in a few hours. Their website lists the features:

Generator back-up options
· 100% reliable rain or shine
· Installs in a few hours, no foundation required
· Permit-ready for permanent use or temporary/mobile
· Fully automated operation
· Remote monitoring and control
· Plug & play, with pre-wired outlets
· Connect multiple systems to meet any load

We love Box Power. They are a testament to the Alaska Startup hub, Launch Alaska. They started their company several years back to provide micro grid solutions for small villages in Alaska, in the third world, and for foresighted companies in the first world. Their in-demand container-sized solar, storage, and backup solutions are popping up everywhere!

But now, with the Mini Box, Box Power has expanded their innovative and convenient solution to small businesses and homeowners here at home! You have a choice of three Mini’s with varying power storage and voltage options. We are sure that before long, you will start seeing

Mini’s all over town.

Having been personally evacuated due to climate driven firestorms, and having suffered multiple power outages due to a poorly maintained mega grids here in California, we can tell you that consumers are looking for this type of solution now! Box Power is a shining example of not just talking about the weather, but actually doing something about it and its consequences.

If you look out your window, what else can you see is needed? That just may be your next great business idea. It’s time to do something about the weather and make a buck at it! Bravo Box Power!


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